Monday, September 6, 2010

Oi Oi Paris: Jour 1

Okay, I don't really speak any French, but I remember a little from the half semester I took in 6th grade. Anyway, I arrived yesterday afternoon after a 12-hour journey from Boston, including two planes and two trains, before arriving at the apartment of my friend Alice and her husband Kevin in the 15th arrondisment of Paris. Five-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower!

Today, after eating a delicious almond/chocolate pastry, we walked to the Louvre and spent five hours seeing as much as we could - there are a ton of awesome things there. My favorite was Napoleon's apartments - crazy awesome. Apparently the Louvre was once like a giant mansion for Louis XIV until he thought it was too small. Woo hoo, can't wait to see Versailles!

I also really liked the mummies and their multi-layered coffins. Apparently it was really important to them to make sure their bodies didn't decay, and there's a whole Book of Death with all the spells they had to cast, with the help of amulets, on the mummy to make sure they came back in the afterlife. The also mummified their cats, dogs, fish (!), birds, and an alligator??

We also saw some amazing paintings, but all the captions were in French, so we sometimes had to guess what they were about. This one is called the Wedding Feast, and we weren't quite sure who the bride and groom were, but only two people in the whole painting are looking straight at you. I love how much is going on in this painting.

I have so many more awesome photos from the Louvre, but zero energy to write about them after having walked all over Paris all day. One thing I love is that, even when you're not in a museum, all the buildings in the city are just beautiful themselves! Random statues and gold things everywhere! This is Pont George V:

Tomorrow there is a strike so the trains are all not running, so we will be in for some more walking! It's okay, it burns of all the pan de chocolat that I plan to eat.

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