Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alternate Eurotrip 2010: Alps and Interlaken

Saturday morning I woke up early and caught the first train into the Alps. It turns out it's really hard to take a good picture from a moving train.
View from the train heading into Zweisimmen, with annoying reflections from the train window.

I got off the train in Interlaken to have lunch. I ate at the restarant on the top floor of the tallest hotel in Interlaken and enjoyed the view. It was about 11:30, and the Swiss are very precise about eating lunch at noon, so I had the roof deck to myself. Paragliding is big in Interlaken. About every 10 minutes or so, someone would jump off the cliff above the city and glide down into the main park.

View from the roof of the Hotel Metropole in Interlaken, with paraglider.
Again it was amazingly humid, and the haze really reduced visibility. I could just barely see the taller snowy Alps in the distance.

After lunch I caught the next train out of town.
Brienzersee, one of the lakes that gives Interlaken its name.
See the waterfall?
 When the hill gets really steep, the train converts to a rack-and-pinion system like a roller coaster.

Panorama of Sarnen coming down from the mountains.
That afternoon, I arrived in Luzern.
My jail cell in Luzern

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