Monday, August 23, 2010

Eurotrip 2010: Rome and Pisa

I first want to say how disappointed I have been by Eehern's lack of postings about his road trip on this blog. As far as I know Eehern never made it past Detroit. To try and make up for Eehern's shortcomings, I have decided to post some pictures from my and Thor's trip to Italy. We both flew into Rome on Saturday and immediately went to the Vatican since it is closed on Sundays.
St. Peter’s Basilica from Piazza San Pietro
 First we went to the Vatican Museum to see the Sistine Chapel.
Thor sneakily taking a picture of himself in the Sistine Chapel since photos are not allowed in the Chapel
Then I convinced Thor it would be fun to climb the 320 steps necessary to get to the top of St. Peter's Basilica. About half way up Thor realized this was not a fun climb through the narrow passages of the Basilica dome and started dropping behind.
Thor climbing the steps to the top of St. Peter's Basilica
Eventually we both made it to the top and it was well worth it. 
Me at the top of St. Peter's Basilica looking down at Piazza San Pietro
After we climbed down, we went into the Basilica where Thor had me take this picture of him holding up his grandmother’s rosary beads for proof they had been to the Vatican.
Thor in St. Peter's Basilica holding his grandmother's rosary beads
We then headed over to the Pantheon which is one of the best preserved ancient buildings in Rome.

Me walking towards the Pantheon
From the Pantheon we walked to the Trevi Fountain and tossed a coin in for good luck.
Thor at the Trevi Fountain
We concluded the day by relaxing on the Spanish Steps
Me at the Spanish Steps
After a night out enjoying the roman nightlife, we headed over to the Colosseum. 
Colosseum and Roman Forum

Me at the Colosseum
From the Colosseum we explored the Roman Forum and climbed Palatine Hill.

Me at the top of Palatine Hill with the Roman Forum and the Colosseum
We then hoped a train for Pisa and the CIRP conference where we are now. Before the conference started we were able to climb the 296 steps to the top of the leaning tower though Thor was a bit hesitant after his experience at the Basilica.
Leaning Tower of Pisa

View of the Duomo and Baptistery from the top of the Leaning Tower
Thor at the top of the leaning tower

This may be the last update for a while because I do not know when I will have the internet and time to write again, but I will try and keep the updates coming.

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  1. I posted from Detroit to Chicago - so at least you know Eehern and I made it that far. :)

    I love these pictures! I can just imagine the complaints about the steps. After the 320 steps, at least the Pisa tower is *slightly* less, right?

    Safe travels, guys - Melinda