Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alternate Eurotrip 2010: La Neuveville and Lake Geneva

Last week I went on a trip to Switzerland for my new job, and I stayed over the weekend for some touristing. During the "business" portion of the trip, I stayed in a tiny Medieval town called La Neuveville.

I think my whole hotel room would fit in Eehern's Jacuzzi

City gate in La Neuveville

La Neuveville is a quiet lake town, and not really a tourist spot. I didn't take many pictures in town because every time I pulled out my camera, I could feel the locals scoffing. Actually, everyone there was really nice, I think I'm just too self-conscious.
Thursday evening, I went for a hike through the vineyards and into the forest above the town. Switzerland has a huge and well-maintained network of hiking trails that criscross the country.
Follow me for hiking
It was late in the afternoon, and the forest was nice and cool and shady, but the humidity was killer. Also, all the spiders came out. Switzerland seems to be full of spiders. Every hundred yards or so, I walked through another web across the trail, and I had a couple spiders hitch a ride for who knows how long until I brushed them off my shirt.
Really good hiking trail, if you're a spider.
The spider-infested hike was worth it for a nice view over the vineyards, town, and lake, and also a very picturesque waterfall.

View of La Neuveville, lake, and vineyards from the hill outside town.

Waterfall outside La Neuveville. Relative to the size of the country, it's bigger than Niagara.

On Friday, I went to Neuchatel and Lausanne, and spent the night in Montreux.
Castle in Neuchatel
From the castle in Lausanne. This is the only proof I was there.
Statue of Freddie Mercury on the boardwalk along the shore of Lake Geneva in Montreux. Yes, that's a palm tree in Switzerland.
Freddie again
Sunset over Lake Geneva
  Chateux Chillon on Lake Geneva at dusk
Looking back towards Montreux across Lake Geneva

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