Monday, August 30, 2010

Girl's Night Out!

Last summer the girls of the LMP had a couple girl's outings - once to Felt, where they served three-course $9 dinners for girls on Wednesdays, and once just out for a bite to eat in Central Square.

But now we are losing Anjuli to California, so we decided to take ourselves out for a last hurrah.

(Also, we were jealous of all the stories of the boys' nights out at Pat's house. Although we would never replicate what happens at Pat's house. Quotes like, "Is that wrong?" only come along once.)

Maria and I found a couple options for ladies' deals around Boston, and we ended up going out to Red Sky for free dinner (with $10 drink purchase, of course there is a catch...).

Figure: The ladies of 35-135
Of course, we picked a miserable day to go - rain and puddles everywhere. I discovered that the right foot of my rainboots is not actually waterproof anymore, but oh well - we all dried out eventually!

I have always felt so lucky to be surrounded by such fun and smart people in 35-135 - and it's just a bonus that so many of them are girls! A good looking group we make, I think. :)

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